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The magical effect of sodium bicarbonate and baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate, almost everyone know it, especially the friend who like to make baking food often use the baking soda. In fact, the effect of baking soda is not just in terms of baking, for most people, baking soda is a non-toxic harmless cleaner.

1、 wash fruits and vegetables

When we wash fruits and vegetables,Edible baking soda is better than detergent, it can remove pesticide residues of fruits and vegetables.Due to pesticide residues is mostly organic compounds with weak water solubility, it is not easy to remove by clean water. Many people will use detergent to wash fruits and vegetables, but it is not safe and health also detergent residues will be left. So baking soda is a better choice to wash fruits and vegetables.fruits only need to knead gently for a moment then rinse. Vegetables can be soaked into water with baking soda for about 30 seconds, and then clean with water. Even if there is the baking soda residue, it is also edible.

2、deodorize and refresh air

baking soda mixed with water, is the best "air freshener" and it is just no smell. If you have sweaty feet and shoes are bad smell after a day, you can spray baking soda water into your shoe, about 10 minutes later, all the peculiar smell will be purified. You can also put an open container with baking soda into fridge and shoe cabinet, it can even dehumidify at the same time of deodorizing. Baking soda will lose deodorant capacity for a period, then can be used to clean.

3、clean closestool

Because of strong ability of decontamination and deodorization, we can use baking soda to clean the toilet and closestool. Spray soda water on the inner wall of closestool and keep for 10 minutes, or simply put baking soda powder on the inner wall of closestool. After cleaning, it will not left peculiar smell.

4、remove a crayon print

The naughty child often take a crayon drawing on the white walls and furniture. How to remove these crayon prints? We just need to find a washing sponge, dipping in some baking soda powder and wipe traces graffiti. Remember to dip in baking soda powder instead of sodium bicarbonate water.

5、clean oil stain

Baking soda is alkaline, and oil in the kitchen is acid , so baking soda is good for cleaning the kitchen .Especially the oven and microwave oven which are easy to be soiled by oil. using a wet dishcloth dipped in baking soda, wipe on the inside of the oven and microwave oven, it can clean oil without peculiar smell. Finally, wipe with a clean wet dishcloth or kitchen paper again, the small home appliance is recover brand-new.

6、clean carpet, cloth-art sofa

It is very troublesome to wash furry carpet and cloth-art sofa ,even washing it is not easy to dry. what should we do? Splash The baking soda evenly on the carpet or cloth art sofa, rub with hands for a few times, then inhale baking soda with the electric cleaner . You will find the sucked soda is no longer pure white color, with dust, hair and other garbage.

7、clean faucet, sink

The place such as the faucet, sink will remain stubborn scale after a period. And baking soda + lemon juice can solve this problem. put a layer of baking soda, and then sprinkle with lemon juice, till see the bubbly bubble, and then cover immediately with kitchen paper, staying for 20 minutes, then wipe and clean with kitchen paper. If no lemon juice, we can replace with white vinegar, but the scent of lemon juice will be much better than white vinegar.