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Sodium fluoride

  • Common Uses of Sodium Fluoride

    The chemical sodium fluoride is made up of a mixture positive-charged sodium ions and negative-charged fluoride ions. It is a white, soluble powder that dissolves quickly in water. Both fluoride and sodium both are essential minerals. The National Institutes of Medicine Food and Nutrition Board recommends that adults consume 3mg of fluoride…
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  • Common uses of Sodium Fluoride

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  • Introduction to the use of sodium fluoride

    Sodium fluoride is a colorless, shiny crystal or white powdery compound with a specific gravity of 2.25, a melting point of 993°C, and a boiling point of 1695°C. Soluble in water (10°C 3.66, 20°C 4.06, 30°C 4.22, 40°C 4.4, 60°C 4.68, 80°C 4.89, 100°C 5.08), hydrofluoric acid, slightly soluble alcohol.…
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