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Sodium carbonate is a strong base usually used in green cleaning products. Frequently known as powder structure, it's applied in various industries, like cleaning and individual consideration products and as a fungicide, microbicide, herbicide, and pH regulator.


What Is Sodium Carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is a synthetic compound with the atomic equation Na2CO3. It's generally called as washing soda, and is applied in cleaning products, glass manufacture, food additives, etc.



Sodium carbonate is antacid with a high pH when in concentrated arrangements. At the point when it is added to water it separates into carbonic corrosive and sodium hydroxide (lye).


Cleaning Uses

Sodium carbonate is applied in a few cleaning products, containing green cleaning products, because of it has the characteristics of disinfectant, and it is able to remove grease and soften water. You can discover it in in washing powder, automatic tableware detergent, general cleaner, glass cleaner, detergent, table cleaner, disinfectant spray and bleach.

To clean and sanitize with sodium carbonate, it is suggested that mixing 2 ounces for each gallon of water. This mixture can be used to clean hard, non-permeable surfaces, like floors, dividers, baths, tile, etc.

The irritant concentration of sodium carbonate is less than 15%, while the irritant concentration of caustic soda is more than 15%. Therefore, when mixing the cleaning solution with sodium carbonate, it is necessary to wear cleaning gloves to avoid entering the eyes or mouth.


Different Uses

Sodium carbonate is not just for cleaning products, but also used in:

  • Chemical producing
  • Food
  • Glass fabricating
  • Individual careproducts (e.g., bubble shower, toothpaste, shower salts, facial scrub, and so on)
  • Mash and paper products
  • Pool upkeep (to change the pH)
  • Therapeutic medicines (e.g., to treat dermatitides)
  • Veterinary medication medicines (e.g., to treat ringworm, scrub the skin, and treat dermatitis)


HUNAN LIANYI INDUSTRY&TRADE CO., LTD, a professional sodium carbonate manufacturer. The two factories are located in Hengyang city, where is rich in rock salt resources. It is the manufacturing center for soda and salt chemicals. LIANYI has the experience of producing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) more than 20 years.


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