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sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride
sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride
sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride
sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride
sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride
sodium fluoride crystal NaF natrium fluoride

Chemical raw material, colorless crystal solid in appearance, 98%min in purity for industry used (industry grade), Good quality conform to UL. sensitive to moisture and soluble in water, need dry and well ventilated storage.


Order MOQ: 25-27tons just for a container

Package & Remark: 25kg or 50kg per PE or PP bag and usual remark. available by customer’s requirement

Production Capacity: 200000tons/year

Delivery: usually 7-20days after order

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● Product Description of the Sodium Fluoride/NaF

Product Name Sodium Fluoride/NaF
EINECS NO. 231-667-8
CAS NO. 7681-49-4
HS Code 2826192010

● Product Parameters(Specification) of the Sodium Fluoride/NaF

Product name: Sodium Fluoride Specifications and models: 5-152 Batch
Date of sampling: 2020-5-22 Executive standard: National standard
Packing specification: 25KG/BAG Submit date: 2020-5-23
Items Standard Request% Measured Value
Content (NaF) ≥98 98.3
Silicate (SiO2) ≤1.0 0.36
Sulfate (SO4) ≤0.3 0.01
Free Acid (HF) ≤0.1 0.01
Free Alkali (Na2CO3) ≤0.5 0.31
Water Insoluble Matters ≤0.3 0.27
Moisture (H2O) ≤0.5 0.07
200 Mesh Pass Rate ≥90 95
Inspection Result: Qualified

● Packing, Delivery and Serving of the Sodium Fluoride/NaF
>>Packing: 25kg or 50kg laminated woven bags lined with a plastic bag. We can discuss with you on special requirements.
>>Delivery: 7-20 days after confirming order, detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.
>>Serving: Competitive price; Reply within 24 hours; Stable shipping support; Full after-sale service.

In recent years, the domestic sodium fluoride industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for sodium fluoride has also increased rapidly, with significant growth in smelting, abrasion resistant materials, ferrous metal surface treatment, ceramics and glass manufacturing and other industries. But in agricultural pesticides, fungicides, wood preservatives and other aspects have been basically replaced by other raw materials.
Various industries have higher and higher requirements for raw materials, and sodium fluoride products also show diversified demands in market segmentation.
The sodium fluoride products produced in China are mainly of industrial grade. Pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride, crystal sodium fluoride used in optics and laser technology, high purity sodium fluoride used in "optoelectronics" and "fiber optics" and sodium fluoride used in coating are still in the initial stage of technological development and production. With the progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, it should have a good prospect of development.
Enterprises with technical advantages and economic strength should strengthen their efforts to open up new markets for sodium fluoride and develop production technologies for high-purity sodium fluoride products, expand the market capacity of sodium fluoride and enhance the added value of sodium fluoride products, so as to avoid price competition for low-end products.

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