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  • CAS 7783-20-2 With competitive price Fertilizer N21%min ammonium sulfate
    ● The advantages of Ammonium Sulfate 1) Can be used as nitrogen fertilizer and sulfur fertilizer; 2) (NH4)2SO4 is suitable for the production of low concentration of compound fertilizer .Comparing to other varieties of nitrogen fertilizer such as Urea, it has advantages of good granulation performance advantages and without chloride…
  • Prilled Urea/Carbamide For Fertilizer, Agriculture And Industry
    ● Handling & storage - Storage in moisture-free, dry place is recommended. - May harden if stored in moisture, and melt if exposed to high temperature. - Wash thoroughly with water if it makes contact with eye or skin We devoted ourselves to chemical many years, covering most of Southeast…
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