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  • Hunan Lianyi Industry a Reliable Source to Buy High Grade Chemicals

    NaOH, NaHCO3, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Hunan Lianyi Industry is a well-known chemical manufacturer with so many years of experience in the chemical industry. We offer unique forms of chemical substances in different quantity relying upon your needs. NaOH can also purchase from our official website anytime. We are major in…
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  • Where To Find A Grade Chemicals For Different Industry

    Sodium Hydroxide, Na2C03, Sodium Fluoride You may outsource any factor of your chemical manufacturing technique to chemical manufacturing companies. In truth, in case you're presently suffering to technique your personal merchandise, you can need to outsource a sure factor of the method to a production plant. A few manufacturers will…
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  • Top 3 uses of Caustic Soda at Home

    NaOH, Sodium bicarbonate, Caustic soda Sodium Hydroxide or NaOH is a white translucent odorless solid used for many things like cleaning supplies and pieces of equipment. It is approved by the FDA and it’s safer to use with Sodium Bicarbonate. Caustic soda is consumed in various industries for multiple purposes.…
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  • What are the properties and uses of NaOH?

    NaOH, NaHCO3(Sodium hydrogen carbonate) Sodium Hydroxide or NaOH is a well-known solid-iconic compound majorly known as caustic soda, sodium hydrate. It generates heat and is created by mixing the compound into the water and control the pH levels. It comes with the inorganic compound known as buffering point. Sodium Hydroxide…
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  • How to safely use Sodium carbonate?

    Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate Sodium Hydrogen carbonate is known to reduce stomach acid and acts as an antacid to cure the upset stomach and indigestion. The white crystalline powder has multiple uses and is odorless with alkaline properties that grow from sodium-rich soil. It is commonly known…
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  • Hunan Lianyi Industry & Trade: The Leading chemicals suppliers

    Sodium hydroxide, Sodium carbonate, Caustic soda Hunan Lianyi Industry & Trade, one of the leading chemicals suppliers in China is supplying Sodium hydroxide, Sodium carbonate, and Caustic soda. Our Mission To acquire our quality and regular items to the economy by utilizing an unblemished value of our country with a…
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  • How to Find Natrium fluoride and Chemical Suppliers

    NaOH, Natrium fluoride, Sodium hydrogen carbonate Chemicals are important in every aspect of life whether you are using medications or preservatives, you have to have chemicals and as a product and goods producer, you have to get the best quality chemicals and agents. If you are looking for NaOH to…
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  • Use of Sodium hydrogen carbonate

    Sodium carbonate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Na2C03 Sodium hydrogen carbonate is one type of salt that dissolves in water and forms two compounds, sodium and bicarbonate. This breakdown of Sodium bicarbonate results in the formation of antacid, which means it, can neutralize the acid. Along these lines, sodium bicarbonate is regularly…
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