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Hunan Lianyi


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Hunan Lianyi Industry&Trade Co., Ltd

was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. Now there are 35 employees, including 21 professionals and technical personnel.

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NaF, NA2S2O5, Natrium Fluoride

  There is a huge demand for industrial grade Na2C03 in the market. You can get the product from Hunan Lianyi Industry & Trade Co. It is based in China; the company was established in 1999. The company is known for both in manufacturing and supplying products all across the world. So, if you are looking for high-quality NaHCO3, we are the one-stop solution for you. We are in this field for 20 years and we have earned reputation by manufacturing and supplying Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate.  

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Ammonium Sulfate, Sodium Pyrosulfite, (NH4)2SO4

  We are known for our product and service worldwide. We have customers from Australia, USA, Canada, Syria, Bangladesh, Kuwait, and many more. We offer guarantee on our product so you can get Sodium Hydroxide without worrying. If you talk about chemical materials like Sodium Bicarbonate, there is no as experienced as us. We offer Sodium Carbonate with 99% purity. We also offer sodium bicarbonate which is food-grade so that you people can consume without having toxic effect on health. The product is salty, soluble in water, and odorless. So, it is needless to say that you can get the best product which is authentic at the same time.  

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Soda ash, CH4N2O, Baking Soda

  As we already told that we are not only manufacture Sodium Fluoride, but also supply the product to our clients. We have a well-trained logistic team that makes sure you get the product without a single damage. So, while packing Natrium fluoride, out team use laminated package. We use approximately 50 kg laminated bags depending on how much Caustic Soda we are packing. In order to deliver NaOH, we take 7 to 20 days; you need to know that delivery process may change depending on the production season. If you want to know more about us you can click at   Click on our latest produts Soda ash, Baking Soda, NaF, Ammonium Sulfate, Sodium Metabisulfite, (NH4)2SO4, NA2S2O5, Urea, Sodium Pyrosulfite, CH4N2O Facial Steamer, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe, Downlight Housing, Release Liner, Custom Printed Gift Boxes, Grow LED, Custom Made Bathroom Vanity, R3 Frame Sliders, Baby Pampers, Vacuum Sealer Bags, Aromarsex dolls adult love dolls female sex doll sex doll canada cheap sex dolls mini sex doll flat chest sex doll 100cm sex doll real dolls sex doll europe big booty sex dolls japanese sex doll